Hi there!  I’m Becky, a recovering clinical, turned holistic esthetician.  Like so many people in my industry, I was taught that effective skin care was harsh, painful, and forceful.  I firmly believed that it was my job to make a person’s skin function the way I wanted it to.  That is until I started to look around, pay attention, and ask “why”.

I am a Laurel Whole Plant Organics stockist, meaning that I focus on using whole, organic plants and herbs coupled with various massage modalities, crystals, and high quality oils. If you have never had a holistic facial, prepare to be amazed!

I practice skin healing in a beautiful, soulful space across from Lake Merrit in Oakland, CA.  I hope you will join me in observing and pondering the daily miracles we encounter within our own bodies, on our planet, and in our souls.  These things are all connected, after all — through our skin!