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Explore the different types of exfoliation and learn how to choose the right one for your skin.  Get hands-on experience using Laurel WPO products and learn how to customize your at-home exfoliation.


First, learn how to tell what your skin is needing and how to choose the right mask.  Then let your imagination run wild as we explore all of the exciting ways to mix and customize your masks at home for results you never dreamed of achieving on your own.

Lymph – Theory + Practice

A 2 part workshop that explains the how the lymphatic system relates to and affects the skin. We will also discuss how your skin care products play a role. Then we dive into a hand-on demonstration of different practices for keeping this vital system performing its best.

Gua Sha

Learn how to use this seemingly magical Traditional Chinese Medicine technique at home to keep your skin lifted and toned between professional treatments.  


Learn how to deliver something better than a 5 minute back rub that leaves your hands sore and your partner yearning for more.  We will start by working on the quality of your touch, then move into addressing specific areas of concern like:

  • neck/shoulders
  • lower back
  • feet/plantar fasciitis
  • carpal tunnel/tendonitis